Online Driver’s Education

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30 Hour Online Driver Education Course

meets Joshua’s Law Requirements.

When you pass our online course we will issue you a certificate of completion during normal business hours Mon – Fri 9am-4pm

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New London is a DDS Certified Training School.

We offer traditional classroom training and online training.

We  believe that a traditional classroom setting that offers hands on and interactive teaching by our speakers (Police Officer, EMT, Probation Officer, plus each student sits in a tractor trailer to experience what a driver can and cannot see, as well as the ADAP class that includes wearing the goggles to know what it feels like driving while impaired) is retained, learned and used when taught face to face.

As of January 2020 we can administer the Driving Test for Students that have taken our Online Course PLUS 6 hours of Driving Lessons.

Please call our office if you have questions regarding traditional vs. online training